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domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Eurovision 2012 is coming!!!

Eurovision 2012

Year 2012. Road to Baku. Light your fire next 26th may.
This year Eurovision is for ... 'big' people.

They are my favourites songs & my personal bets... :

Russia. 'Party for Everybody.'

Genial band of... Grandmothers!! Ouyeah, my baby. It's a good song. Who say that older people is out wave ? Good Luck grandmothers of Russia... and... Party for Everybody.

United Kingdom. 'Love will set you free.'

Who is Engelbert Humperdinck ? You can to ask your parents. They know it. 75-years-old... I am impressed!!

Greece. 'Aphrodisiac'

There is a beatiful song dressed with a woman of blue and white. Will can she to win to older people? . Oh oh oh You make me want your Aphrodisiac. Only the future will say us...

Romania. 'Zaleilah'

This song is a mix of languages. Spanish, English... another more?!?! It's fabulous song fills with diversity and good humor.

... and another popular songs like Italian, Sweden or Serbia ?
;-O  I'm sorry but This is not my cup of tea !!

However ... ¡¡
Good Luck. Buena suerte. удачи. Καλή τύχη.
Viel Glück. Buona fortuna. Bonne chance.
Noroc. Lykke til. İyi şanslar. Срећно.
... for everyone !!

Close your eyes, find yourself and you go forward. Good Luck.

3 comentarios :

  1. I love the Russian grandmothers...next year a first gear to Russia! xx

  2. I' not sure Mrs. Mia. Sweeden is the best option in the bets. ;-) but... Anything is possible.
    Thanks by you comment.

  3. I like Latvia's song. :-D "You're a beatiful song..."